Friday, November 16, 2007

Filthy Thesis Madness!

Slowly, but surely, my thesis film is beginning to take shape. I was finally able to find 2 dogs (one owner) who didn't object to the subject matter and will allow her pups to appear in the film. That is one less headache for me now.

One of my professors gave me a compliment the other day and I've been beaming about it ever since. I had told him that the owners of the first set of dogs I had cast had decided to bow out of the project due to artistic differences after reading my script. Professor Ezovski said, "It's only because it's filthy!" Most people would have taken that as an insult but not me. I know that John Waters has been called "the King of Filth" since his introduction to the indy film world back in the 70's with Pink Flamingos. So for Professor Ezovski to say that to me made me feel like I could one day be "the PRINCE of Filth!" Who knows?

But I still need to raise the $2,200 to start shooting and then I'm done. I know that it doesn't seem like a lot of money but I really can make this film for this amount of money. Maybe I should send my script to Mr. Waters and see if he'd finance it? Hmmm, that's something to think about. I went location scouting with my Production Designer, the wonderful Elba Estela, last weekend and I'm hopeful things will start to come together soon. I also met with a Product placement broker the other day and discussed options for product placement as a means of financing the piece.

EVERYONE who has read the script says that it is definitely a great script (and not really filthy, depending on how you define "filthy" and NO ONE is ingesting doggy doo in my script either! Ewww! Even I have my limitations) and would do very well in film festivals. I'm hoping to hit the LGBT festivals the moment the film is scored. If I could only find the one location that I need to shoot the piece I'd be able to rest a little easier. If there is anyone out there reading this blog (and I know that millions of you do!) who lives in NYC and would be interested in allowing a small film company to use your apartment for 2 (possible 3) days to shoot, what will one day be a masterpiece (and be the talk of Cannes and Sundance), please email me and we can take a meeting to discuss the details. Anyone who lets me use their space to shoot will get a credit as an Executive Producer! Now wouldn't that be something to brag to your friends and family over the holiday get-together's? "Yea, I just EXECUTIVE PRODUCED a film by an up-and-coming filmmaker. More a pino grigio anyone?"

Anyway I hope that I can get this thing done before Christmas so that I can edit it and submitted for my grade. That would be Lover-ly! Honestly, I've been so stressed out this week trying to get this thing together I almost forgot to call my mother yesterday to wish her a Happy Birthday. The day before that I lost my eyeglasses and walked around half blind for most of the day. I even filled up my frequent guest card from Crumbs (1 punch on card for ever order of coffee and a cupcake you order). Next week I will be able to get a free cup of coffee (or tea- LOVE that Earl Grey with soy milk!) and a cupcake of my choice. Speaking of which, yesterday I had a "Brownie" cupcake which is another way of saying "DEATH BY CHOCOLATE." Today I had the Caramel Apple and it was so good I got stares from the inhabitants of the lab were I was editing as I ate orgasmic bite after, orgasmic bite. Just thinking about it as I type this entry is giving me...never mind... I'm determined to keep this a clean blog.

Anyway I realized the other day that if I don't get this film finished soon I'll never be invited to the Independent Spirit Awards and walk the "green carpet". Or I'll never meet interesting people like John Waters (or for that matter, John Amaechi.) Just so I can tell J.W. just how much his films have influenced me as a film maker and tell J.A. just how much his book meant to me as out and proud gay black man. Either way, I will finish this film even if it means I go without dinner for a week or two. After suffering from "cupcake nirvana" this week, I could stand to loose a few pounds. That is how determined I am to get my thesis film done.

The sacrifices one must make for one's art.

Monday, November 12, 2007


This week in the world of film a word: INSANE!

I found two dogs to play important roles in my thesis film and a few days later the owner decided that the property wasn't what they thought it was going to be. So no I have to find 2 more dogs. Ideally I think the dogs will probably come from an owner or owners in Chelsea since that's where I posted the most casting notices for the dogs. In addition to my casting set-back, I have found some really cool crew members to help me with my project. I have also enlisted help from my good friends (from way back) in the business world (1 attorney, 1 accountant, and 1 marketing executive) to help me find benefactors who wish to become Executive Producers (by writing a check) and help me finance my thesis. Part of my grade will be based on how I was able to raise money for the film. Nobody ever said that producing a film was going to be easy.

I've been so busy this week that I made the really tough decision that I must drop one of my general education courses because the work load is so overwhelming, I would never be able to devote my full attention to the class. Which really sucks because I really like the course. However I was told in Financial Aid that I could take it next quarter, however I will loose all the money I paid for it because it's too late to get drop a class without a penalty, however if I stay in the class, my grade will suffer. I'd rather loose the money than have a lower grade.

The internship has been great too. I've been doing a lot of production work (mostly camera work) in addition to the editing. Tonight for instance I had to do camera work for a author reading at the Center. The segment will probably be put in a future episode.

Right now I'm back at school burning a DVD to turn in tomorrow for my midterm for my Internship class. It is a demo reel. The problem is that nothing is working the way it should be and now I'm cranky and still have to go home and study for my Sociology midterm tomorrow. On top of that I missed "CSI:Miami" tonight and "Prison Break". I wish I could be 2 people right now. Or maybe I wish I could have a cupcake instead.