Monday, July 21, 2008

Dark Knight & Wendy Williams (Pt. 3)

Of course, I was one of the million's who saw Heath Ledger's final film performance this weekend in the hit film in the Batman franchise, "The Dark Knight". Heath was BRILLIANT as the very dark and very scary "Joker." This isn't Caesar Romero's "Joker" either. Heath's portrayal of the Joker really gave me the heebee geebees. It was a truly moving and terrifying performance which only seems sadden by the fact that never more will we see what many other roles this young actor could have taken. Truly a lost to the film industry. As a filmmaker myself, I will never have the opportunity to work with Heath Ledger. But the film industry was bless with this great actor's performances that will live forever on film.

As for the story itself, it was the darkest Batman, EVER!!!!! I will say much accolades to Christopher Nolan for fine direction and a marvelously written screenplay, as well as to Wally Pfister for his breathtaking lighting. I also have to say that even though Katie Holmes didn't reprise the role of Rachel Dawes for this film, no one could do it better than Maggie Gyllenhaal. Where was she the first time around? Anyway, I think this is THE film to see this summer (Although I'm a big "X-Files" fan, and I can't wait to see Mulder and Skully back on the big screen together later this week.)

Moving on... I have never really gotten on the "celebrity" bandwagon when it came to doing this blog, but I have to put my 2¢ in about a "celebrity" (although anyone who can call themselves a "celebrity" from just being on a reality show- with the exception of American Idol- is beyond me). Okay, so this morning I was watching the first show of the second week of the "Wendy Williams Show" and I was really upset to see how her guest, who I won't even name because it only gives her more power, was such a royal witch to Wendy.

Now for those of you who aren't familiar with Wendy William's radio talk show, The Wendy Williams Experience, she has had some fiery but very real interviews with many REAL celebrities (I'm talking about people with actual TALENT besides being on a reality show, showing the world how much of witch one can be for ratings) that always get to the bottom of things. Besides being the "Queen of the Hot Topics", she has been beacon on the WBLS for many years dispensing advice and information in her own special way. If you don't like, her, then you have the choice of turning to another station. However today's guest on her television talk show, who for someone with such a pretty name, showed a VERY UGLY side of herself today when she started to "diss" Wendy on "The Wendy Williams Show". This evil witch, who I will only say, was the thorn in Donald Trump's side on the premiere season of "The Apprentice", was totally disrespectful to her hostess as she was trying to hock her upcoming book.

My Carrie Bradshaw question is, why do people have to be so "ugly" when someone is trying to help them?

I have to say that through it all, Wendy was the lady that she always is who only continued to treat "the guest" graciously and didn't get back into the woman's face. It really saddens me when I see women, especially black professional women try to live up to the stereotypes that society has labeled them with for so many years. That's why I was so happy to see that Wendy wasn't going to stoop to that witch's level when she insulted Wendy on live television this morning. It was an awkward situation, but Wendy maintained her cool and moved on like any professional journalist would do in her position. It was obvious that this woman came on the show with a big chip on her shoulder looking for a fight. She may have thought about checking out a mirror prior to walking out on that stage, because next to Wendy, she was looking pretty haggard with weave that looked like it was put in by a blind crack head!

Now some men may like to see two women claw at each other with no dignity whatsoever. I, for one, do not subscribe to this. Had this conversation happened out on the street, I'm sure it would have been a different show. However on live television, the hostess was charming and gracious, while the guest was the personification of the word "bitch." Next time that particular guest goes onto a talk show looking for a fight, might I suggest something like "Jerry Springer?" Since she preferred to act like ghetto trash, maybe she would feel more at home on that type of show!!

And yes, there is nothing wrong with your eyes: I did GO there!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wendy Williams: Part Deux

Okay everybody, today I watched the second day of the Wendy Williams show and it was equally as fabulous as it was yesterday if not better. Wendy looked exquisite in her little black outfit. Today she had on Al Roker from the "Today Show" and he is really a character. I really wish I could get tickets to see a taping of her show? I have a feeling that a taping must be a lot of fun for the audience as well as the guests. Much like the time I went to a taping of "Dave Chapelle Show". It was hilarious, but I digress....

Anyway, before I came here to the library to write (long story short: I was piggy-backing my wireless from somebody in my apartment building and they moved out so now I used the free wi-fi at the Brooklyn Public Library-the big one at Grand Army Plaza next to Prospect Park- I'm not cheap, just broke) I listened a little to the Wendy Williams Experience on WBLS. Her guest today was one of my very favorite authors: E. Lynn Harris. He was there to promote his new book that drops in stores today, Just Too Good To Be True. He also mentioned that he has another book coming out in January called Basketball Jones that deals with a guy living in the closet while playing in the NBA. Now anyone who knows me, knows that this is a subject that really interest me after reading the John Amaechi memoir Man In the Middle. I really can't wait to read that book.
I guess the reason why I brought up sports today is because, as I'm sure you know today is MLB All-Star Game at Yankee Stadium. Of course I'm all about anything that has to do with any Yankees. Derek Jeter (will be playing for the ninth time), ARod, and Mariano Rivera will be playing for the American League. I really wish I could be there to watch this package. I mean the teams, not the player's packages. Duh... Okay I wouldn't mind watching the player's packages (I'm a freak like that). Anyway. I wish them well.

How did I get from Wendy Williams to talking about baseball? Oh yeah right, now I remember: I was wishing that I had a ticket (and a date) to go with to the game tonight since it will be the very last All-Star Game to ever be played in the current Yankee Stadium.

Anyway, oh, I wanted to talk a little about the mini film festivals I had all by myself in my apartment this weekend. Since I've been coming over to the public library, I've discovered the "World Cinema" section of DVDs. Over the past few months I've rediscovered and discovered some works by filmmakers who I greatly admire. This past weekend I watched the Three Colors trilogy by Krzysztof Kieslowski. I've seen it before but not on DVD and not with the commentary. As a filmmaker it's an added bonus to be able to hear what the thought process was for legendary filmmakers such as Kieslowski. It also gave me insight into why European films vastly differ from American-made "Hollywood" films. If you haven't the trilogy yet, it's a must for any serious film maker or lover of films. Three Colors: Blue (Trois colours: Bleu) (1993), Three Colors: White (Trois colours: Blanc) (1994), Three Colors: Red (Trois colours: Rouge) (1994) where the crowning achievement to a brilliant career that sadly ended way too soon in 1996 when he died from heart failure.

My other favorite filmmaker that I had the opportunity to study his films is Michelangelo Antonioni. Antonioni passed away last year but was quite a prolific filmmaker leaving behind what is now considered masterpieces of cinema. I watched Il Grido (The Cry) (1957), L'Avventura (The Adventure) (1960), La Notte (The Night) (1961), L'Eclisse (The Eclipse) (1962) and Blow Up (1966) and you know what I learned from watching these film classics? How to speak Italian! Just kidding, I think that the central thing that I discovered was that much like a novel that has plenty of exposition, so is an Italian film. I understand now why such directors as Ang Lee may have been inspired by the shear genius and artistry of his cinematography as every frame of an Antonioni film tends too look like a rare piece of artwork that should hang in a museum. Like Antonioni, I find that Ang Lee's films are slow moving yet visually a feast for the eyes.

Of course, don't get me started on all the Hitchcock films that I've had the chance to study lately, most notably his earlier works (prior to moving to the US from the UK) such as The 39 Steps (1935) and The Lady Vanishes (1938); and some of his early American films like Shadow of a Doubt (1943); and some of his later work like Torn Curtain (1966) - in this particular film Paul Newman was soooooooo hot!!!!

I could go on and on about films as many of you all know but it's getting cold here in the library and I'm wearing shorts and a light cotton shirt. I think they turn the AC up to keep the people from sitting in here all day.

As always, I welcome your comments. Until next time!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wendy Williams: How You Doin'?

I know that I've been away from blogging for a little bit, but I had to write today because I wanted to talk about my new favorite talk show that premiered today in limited markets (NY, LA, Dallas, & Detroit) called the Wendy Williams Show! Wendy is a FABULOUS radio talk show hostess on WBLS weekdays. She is also a New York Times best selling author (as I will be one day once I get my books published) But before I go into that I have to put in my two cents before the library closes and I have to dismantle my laptop.

BTW, there are two PHYNE brothas sitting at a table next to me (facing my table) who I'm kinda distracted by as they are studying. I guess they don't think anybody can see them playing footsies with each other under the table! OH-KAAAAAY??!!! Playing "slap and tickle" with their legs all pressed up against each other. And I am sure they are on the DL. I can smell them out ANYWHERE!!! AWRIIIIIIGHT!!!??? (As Ms. Williams would say, "How you doin'?")

Okay, but before I write about Wendy Williams, I wanted to put my two cents in about something I saw today. I was out an appointment today in Downtown Brooklyn and I noticed something that was kinda astonishing and gross at the same time. With the exception of young pre-pubescent girls (who down know any better) and pregnant women: when did mid-riff/baby t's become fashionable wear for older women with beer guts hanging out? Okay, let me say that I know that I may not be the most buffed guy walking around these days, but I do know how to dress to hide my flaws. Okay???!!!! I know it is hot today, but I saw at least half a dozen women (all ranging from age 30 to you-should-know-better) walking around with all that gut hanging out of what looks like their teenager's clothing! Honey, I thought I was going to loose my lunch! Girls, if you are out there and reading this, know this: that is NOT a FLATTERING LOOK!!!! Unless one is forced at gunpoint by one's pimp to wear that in a public setting: RETHINK THE LOOK before venturing out before the public.

Now I know ya'll must be thinking "Well he's a gay guy, what does he care about how a woman looks?" Well I still have eyes, and these woman who are rocking this fashion trend with this particular body flaw, makes me think this is a cry for help! And they OBVIOUSLY don't have any gay male friends, (unless he was mad at her) because if they did, he would have told them about the walking fashion atrocity they would be making by choosing to wear what they thought looked "cute."

Okay, I got distracted again by the aforementioned boys across from me. Okay, scratch what I said before about the "PHYNESS" of the two of them. I just put my glasses on and I really need to get my new prescription because they look more like "Hot Mess 1" and "Hot Mess 2". Nice bodies though, but faces.... But I digress....

So today I watched the new Wendy Williams talk show on FOX-5 here in NY. First let me say, I learned something about Wendy, who I've been listening to on the radio for many years, and that is we are the same exact age! Well she will be this week anyway. And, like me, she looks damn good for her age. She is my "friend in my head." (Look it up - I'm not crazy) I also learned that her first guest, James Denton, (you know "Mike Delfino", the plumber who is married to that clumsy-behind "Susan" - played by the lovely Teri Hatcher - on my favorite guilty pleasure DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) is also my age as well. Lets just say, it must be the sun because I would have given him older than me! But all in all, I really liked the show, she looked FABULOUS as always!!! And I hope that the show gets picked up after it's limited 6-week run, because it is way more interesting than some of the other talk shows on television now. Oprah better watch out now that she is reruns this summer!

I have to wrap this up so tomorrow I will have to go into detail about my Michelangelo Antonioni and Krzysztof Kieslowski film festivals I had over the weekend. The library is closing in a few minutes and I need to pick up a book before it's too late.