Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I Shot Nicole Richie (with a camera, silly!)

Last week my photography professor, Cal Vornberger, took us on a field trip to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Actually it wasn't that much of a trip, per se. All we did was walk out of the door of school and walk across the street to Bryant Park. I was there walking to a photo shoot the week before and saw the paps surrounding Lindsay Lohan as she was going into the back of the tent. So on this particular day, I suggested that we go to the back. The photo on thee left is the one I took of Nicole Richie. Doesn't she look like Once, Twice, Three times a lady? Anyway this was my day as a Paparazzi photographer! I rather do headshots and video!

BTW, if anyone is interested in headshots, HOLLA! I'll give you a really, REALLY good deal! Hey, I'm working on getting my book together too! So I'll work within your budget. Just email me if you are interested and in the subject line just write: HEADSHOTS NEEDED and I will get back to you asap, provided that you put your contact information.