Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Good and The Bad

Two Issues!

1) Anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE to read. I always have a book on me. I just got a nook eReader from Barnes & Noble - but thats another story for another time. So I recently began collecting the leather-bound classic collections of authors that can be purchased from Barnes & Noble! They are great books for any collector. They are beautiful books with ribbon bookmarks and gold or silver binding. At last count I believe I have 19 volumes total. If they sell more than that, then I haven't found it yet. Some of the titles include, The complete works of William Shakespeare, Complete works of Edgar Allan Poe, C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia, 7 novels by H. G. Wells (all in one volume), etc. They also have contemporary novelists like Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles, Gregory Maguire's Wicked and Son of a Witch, and Michael Crichton's Jurassic Park and The Lost World.

I sent a letter to Barnes & Noble to suggest other authors they may want to add in the future. Here is some of the letter that I sent snail mail and emailed to the corporate headquarters:

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to express my appreciation for a your company releasing the Barnes & Noble Leather-bound Classics!

I've have ordered online or purchased in store the complete 19 volumes. I hope I did? Although I never would have thought of Gregory Maguire and Michael Crichton as classic authors, I guess some day future audiences, will view their work as classics.

My question to you is: do you anticipate releasing even more author collections in the near future? If so, can I suggest some authors that would be a great addition to my wonderful collection? How about considering these authors next time around:

  • Mark Twain
  • D. H. Lawrence
  • Oscar Wilde
  • E. M. Forster
  • Geoffrey Chaucer
  • L. Frank Baum
  • Ernest Hemingway
  • F. Scott Fitzgerald
  • Zora Neale Hurston
  • James Baldwin
  • Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Truman Capote
  • Maya Angelou
  • John Steinbeck
  • Willa Cather
  • Joseph Conrad
  • Toni Morrison
  • William Faulkner
  • Edith Wharton
  • P. G. Wodehouse
  • George Orwell
  • Virginia Woolf
  • Philip Roth
  • Stephen King
  • Raymond Carver
  • John Irving
  • Evelyn Waugh
  • Annie Proulx
  • Henry James
  • Marcel Proust
  • Raymond Chandler
  • Ray Bradbury
  • Walter Mosley
  • Amy Tan
  • Ian Fleming
  • Patricia Highsmith
  • Charles Bukowski
  • James A. Michener

Leather-bound collections by these authors would be a great addition to anyone who wishes to cultivate a well-rounded library. You may want to forward this to the office that makes such decisions.

I'm sure that if you're like me, you can think of some more authors that should be on this list that you'd like to see in a leather-bound collection on your bookshelf. Suggestions? If you are like me and would like to see more of these books, drop them a letter like I did:

Barnes & Noble, Inc.
122 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

2) I also like to watch films. Good, bad, whatever! I have been a member of Netflix for many years now. Recently I had a problem with a DVD that I kept getting in the mail broken or cracked, thus rendering my visual experience: unwatchable!

Something should have told me that maybe this isn't meant to be. Now with Netflix, you can't just send them an email and if you call it's never a person picking up. So instead I wrote a review of the film. Here it is:
Review of YOU ONLY DIE ONCE: I have yet to see this film. That's not to say that I haven't ordered it. In fact I ordered it 3 times and EVERY SHIPMENT has been cracked or broken. I guess I should have read the reviews before I put this film on my queue, but I always like the underdog and wanted to judge for myself. After the 3rd broken DVD was delivered to me, I figured somebody was trying to tell me something! It must be bad when Netflix doesn't even bother to make this film available for streaming instantly. Oh, well maybe it's just isn't meant to be.

Okay, thats enough for now. Cheers!