Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Never Can Say Goodbye

It's been 13 days since the passing of the King of Pop and it still hadn't sunk in until today when I was watching the funeral on television. Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz came on and sang the Jackson 5 classic "I'll Be There" and I lost it! I know this sounds funny but it really feels like I've lost a relative, a strange one, but a loved relative nonetheless.

It's almost as if I can "Remember the Time(s)" of my life all set to a soundtrack by this great artist! I can remember a time back in the 70's when I wanted to BE a Jackson! I had the fro and everything! I remember the day when my dad brought home as a gift for my sister and I the Jackson 5 album (this is what we had before they made "CDs") "Maybe Tomorrow" and my sister and I played it over and over until my father insisted that we stop playing it or he would return it back to the store.

I remember when my sister and I and some of the kids in our neighborhood would make a "Soul Train" line in our back yard (since we couldn't play in the street) and would do our very best "Robot" off of the song "Dancing Machine"! I remember in college when my friend Kendell and I would play "Thriller" and I would play Michael dancing around her "overstuffed" Ola Rey as we dance around the dorm blasting the song over and over!! And there is not a person alive who hasn't tried to Moonwalk while listenting to "Billie Jean!" Ya'll know you did!

Despite his eccentric qualities, I will really miss the artist known as Michael Jackson! As a song from his "Dangerous" CD goes, he really is "Gone Too Soon"