Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wendy IS BACK FOR GOOD!!!! How YOU Doin?

Okay, If you have been reading my blog for a while (at least since last summer) you will know that I am a big, Big, BIG fan of Wendy Williams. Last year when she did her 6-week trial run in New York and 3 other markets, and I couldn't get enough of Miss How-YOU-Doin'? Since last week I have been watching religiously to see what she will wear, who she will have on as guests, and to hear her utter those famous words: "How YOU Doin'" As you may know I blogged extensively last year about this show and how FABULOUS itreally is. Before you could only see it if you were in one of the four test markets or if parts were uploaded on the web. Now the entire COUNTRY can share the wisdom that is Wendy! Last year my friend Charles and I attended a taping and it was Fun, fun, FUNNNNN!!!!!! I hope that my friends up in Canada can get a chance to see it this time around. And, most importantly, I hope it stays around for a long, long, LONG time. She is fun and not stuffy & catty like those women on "The View" (Sorry, Whoppi but that pregnant chick really is annoying as all get out!). Nor is she Oprah-ish! She is just REAL! So this is to everyone who reads this blog Don't miss a chance to see The Wendy Williams Show!

She is on a Whitney Houston watch and is hoping that Whitney graces her stage. If Whitney wants to sell her upcomming CD, it would behove her to sit her behind on Wendy's sofa! NOTE to Whitney Houston: Let go of the past Whitney- I heard your tirade to Wendy years ago on the radio- Girl, you just need to let that go!

Anyway, in New York it comes on at 10am on FOX 5 and 10pm encore presention on MY9. Check your local listings when it comes on in your area, but most importantly DON'T MISS IT!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Never Can Say Goodbye

It's been 13 days since the passing of the King of Pop and it still hadn't sunk in until today when I was watching the funeral on television. Mariah Carey and Trey Lorenz came on and sang the Jackson 5 classic "I'll Be There" and I lost it! I know this sounds funny but it really feels like I've lost a relative, a strange one, but a loved relative nonetheless.

It's almost as if I can "Remember the Time(s)" of my life all set to a soundtrack by this great artist! I can remember a time back in the 70's when I wanted to BE a Jackson! I had the fro and everything! I remember the day when my dad brought home as a gift for my sister and I the Jackson 5 album (this is what we had before they made "CDs") "Maybe Tomorrow" and my sister and I played it over and over until my father insisted that we stop playing it or he would return it back to the store.

I remember when my sister and I and some of the kids in our neighborhood would make a "Soul Train" line in our back yard (since we couldn't play in the street) and would do our very best "Robot" off of the song "Dancing Machine"! I remember in college when my friend Kendell and I would play "Thriller" and I would play Michael dancing around her "overstuffed" Ola Rey as we dance around the dorm blasting the song over and over!! And there is not a person alive who hasn't tried to Moonwalk while listenting to "Billie Jean!" Ya'll know you did!

Despite his eccentric qualities, I will really miss the artist known as Michael Jackson! As a song from his "Dangerous" CD goes, he really is "Gone Too Soon"