Thursday, April 24, 2008

DL, Albee, and the Knife

It's been a roller coaster this month and especially difficult when it comes to having access to the Internet.

What did I do this month:

Oh yeah, I saw "The DL Chronicles" on DVD: really good storytelling and acting and it was a lot better than any of the other shows that come on the HERE! Network. I also when to a screening of this new film called "Hamlet 2": It was HILARIOUS! It opens in August. Put it on your must see list! It was an intelligent comedy.

Read a couple of good books: Twice As Good: Condoleezza Rice and Her Path to Power by Marcus Mabry and Michael Tolliver Lives by Armistead Maupin.

At the center I shot a conversation with one of the greatest living American playwrights: Edward Albee. It was for a future segment. Also shot a conversation with author Michael Cunningham. I happen to be reading his last novel, Specimen Days (think "The Hours" except instead of Virginia Woolf it's Walt Whitman). It was an okay shoot, but I'm glad my friend Julie Ann was there to make sure that it started on time, otherwise, I'd still be there.

Oh, I'm graduating from school on May 2. Did I mention I'm graduating WITH HONORS? I'm very excited but now I just want to finish and get my BFA. Check out my Amazon wish list for gifts suggestions. BTW, got an extension on my thesis film. Talk about drama! Thank you Dean LeMelle!!!! OXOXOX

I go "under the knife" on May 5. Many of you know, but for those of you who don't know what it's all about, I will just say that I will be okay and it's a necessary surgery, but not life threatening. After which I will have time to recover because I think I may have just been fired from my gig at The Center. But I'm still trying to wrap my head around that as I sit here and type. I'm at school now writing this entry and wondering what my next move will be. Oh wait, I see my friend Michael Armstrong (he must be here to pick up his cap and gown too).

Okay, gotta run until next time.